CHALLENGE #4 "Marry, Mate, M🔪rder"

It's time to watch, listen, & VOTE!

You never know if an author will ask for a character to be portrayed in a specific way…

For this challenge, contestants were tasked to read 3 scenes to make us want to marry them, mate them, or m🔪rder them.

Marry: make us love the character…make us want to marry them, love them, and have a happily ever after💍.

Mate: sexy-time 2.0…make us want to do fun, naughty things to/with them😘.

M🔪rder: make us despise the character…by the end we should want to 🔪🔪 them, or at the very least kick them hard!

Listen below to see which contestants can make you feel ALL the things!

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Voting ends June 30th @ 11:59pm ET

Every 24 hours, you can vote for up to 3 contestants…so vote now, then come back in 24 hours to vote again!